The University of British Columbia has announced the launch of the inaugural competitions of UBC’s Peter Wall Legacy Awards program, valued at a total of approximately $4 million annually. These new awards are made possible and supported by the groundbreaking $100 million Peter Wall Legacy Fund. 

The Wall Legacy Awards advance research excellence at UBC and will initially focus on scholarly activity and research in British Columbia relating to sustainability in the areas of urban development, water, energy, transportation infrastructure, environmental protection of oceans and waterfronts, and resource-intensive industry.

The recipients of these awards will help move BC and the world forward in sustainable approaches to pressing global issues.

The Program

The Wall Legacy Awards program is comprised of two types of awards:

The distinguished Wall Fellowships and Wall Research Awards have the potential to generate transformational impact, propelling recipients across all disciplines to the forefront of their fields as their research and scholarly programs generate meaningful solutions to major sustainability challenges.

Wall Collaboration Centre

To help facilitate the collaborative work of these outstanding researchers, UBC is creating the Wall Collaboration Centre as a space to debate, collaborate and advance knowledge. Located in the University Centre, the Wall Collaboration Centre will serve as a venue for members of the UBC community, Wall Fellows, and Wall Research Awardees to congregate, exchange ideas, and collaborate on solutions.


UBC launches Peter Wall Legacy Awards program

UBC is pleased to launch the inaugural competitions for the Wall Fellowships and Wall Research Awards.

April 9, 2024

UBC moves forward with Peter Wall Legacy Fund

Following approvals from the UBC Vancouver Senate, the UBC Board of Governors, and the UBC Foundation Board of Directors, UBC will be moving forward with the newly named Peter Wall Legacy Fund.

Oct 24, 2022