Wall Legacy Awards

About the Peter Wall Legacy Awards

UBC is proud to offer the distinguished Wall Fellowships and Wall Research Awards, valued at a total of approximately $4 million annually. These new awards are made possible and supported by the groundbreaking $100 million Peter Wall Legacy Fund. 

The suite of awards will support the research activities of tenure-track faculty members at all stages of their career, and those of Master’s and doctoral students. It is one of the largest such internal programs at any university in North America.

The Peter Wall Legacy Awards support a variety of research practices and career stages across both UBC campuses: 

Wall Fellowships

Valued at $1 million each, two awards will be made available to faculty members each year to be spent within a five-year term.

Wall Research Awards

Team Faculty Awards

Valued at $200,000 for groups of 3-5 UBC faculty members to be spent within a three-year term.

Individual Faculty Awards

Valued at $80,000 for individual UBC faculty members to be spent within a three-year term.

Graduate Student Awards

Valued at $30,000 per year for PhD candidates (one or two years) and at $25,000 for Master’s students (one year).

UBC recognizes the work of the Academic Advisory Committee on the Wall Research Awards and Wall Fellowships in developing these exciting opportunities.