About the Wall Legacy Fund

About the Wall Legacy Fund

In 2022, The University of British Columbia announced the Peter Wall Legacy Fund, UBC’s largest-ever donor-funded endowment, a new way to support transformative research excellence at the university.

Peter Wall Legacy Fund will award approximately $4 million each year, in perpetuity, in support of the prestigious Wall Fellowships and Wall Research Awards for UBC faculty and graduate students. Launched in 2024, the awards will initially focus on research in British Columbia relating to sustainability in the areas of urban development, water, energy, transportation infrastructure, environmental protection of oceans and waterfronts, and resource-intensive industry.

In 1991, UBC received a gift from Peter Wall, then valued at $15 million, to establish an institute for advanced studies. At the time, the gift was the largest donation by an individual in UBC’s history and it has since generated over $140 million in value. Peter Wall’s love of UBC and the academic community motivated him to donate what was, at the time, one-third of his wealth. This endowed gift supported the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies for more than 30-years.

The power of the endowment thrives today. With a current value in excess of $100 million, the Peter Wall Legacy Fund, will continue to spark inspiring and remarkable innovations at the university for years to come. 

“For 30 years the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies has created a community for scholars and encouraged innovation, creation and exploration across all disciplines. It has served as an institution for world-class scholars to engage in unconstrained research and contributed to the enrichment of UBC as well as the larger scholarly community. With the addition of the recently created Peter Wall Legacy Fund, inspiring scholars are able to engage in intersectional research into pressing and profound challenges across the globe, putting a focus on interdisciplinary academics.”

– Hon. David Eby, K.C., Premier, Province of British Columbia

“UBC has been at the forefront of sustainability work for many years, making it the right partner to work with to create the meaningful solutions I hope to see for Vancouver and our magnificent province. I have no doubt that the recipients of these new awards and fellowships will help move B.C. and the world forward in sustainable approaches to pressing global issues that affect us deeply here in this province.”

– Dr. Peter Wall

Meeting of the minds sparks bold vision for UBC

For more than 30 years Peter Wall’s sustained and generous investment in UBC has profoundly impacted the university’s scholarly community – and the communities we serve.